Nov 8, 2020

Naming Ethers

In this article we will learn Naming of Ethers in organic chemistry. Ethers are the colorless, pleasant smelling and highly volatile organic compounds. Ethers are oxygen containing chemical compounds which are considered as derivatives of alcohols or water. 

Key words: Ether, Epoxide, Common Names of Ethers, IUPAC Names of Ethers.

Nov 2, 2020

Isomerism - Definitions, Type & Examples

Isomerism is the phenomenon in which two or more individual compounds have same molecular formula but different structures. Isomers are the compounds which have same molecular formula but they differ in the arrangement of atoms in the molecule. 

Key words: Isomerism, Structural Isomers, Chain Isomers, Position Isomers, Functional Group,  Isomers, Metamers, Tautomers, Ring Chain Isomers, Configurational Isomers, Enantiomers,  Stereoisomers, Conformational isomers, Diastereomers